Friday, January 8, 2010

No Spend January Day 7

Well, today was another lovely day of of those few left. I slept in and awoke to the good news that my Amazon sales were now eligible to be transferred to my checking account. Hurrah! I transferred over the funds and after I deduct what I spent on shipping (envelopes and postal fees) I made $33.85. This number would have been about $10 higher, but I made the rookie mistake of not using media mail for my first two book sales.

Overall, I am pleased with selling items on Amazon. Basically, you set up an account and link it to your bank. Next, you list the items you have to sell by their ISBN number and set a price. Amazon charges a commission only if the item sells. You also get a shipping credit included to account for those fees. It doesn't take too long to set up an account and list the items, but I will say that being on vacation it's been easier to find time to go to the post office several times to ship the items. The expectation is that you ship it within two business days, and I've stuck to that over the break. It could get tricky while I'm working. 

For someone like me who has in the past bought way too many books, this is a good way to weed out what I really want and what I don't from my collection and to bring in some extra money. I'm not selling the items because I'm doing a no spend month. But, the no spend month has challenged me to finally sell the items that I have been meaning to get rid of. 

So, today I mailed a DVD, stopped and got a grilled chicken wrap at Wendy's ($1.95 with tax) went on bike ride with Juliet and her kiddos, had dinner at her house, and went out for a drink. The drink was no cost to me since it was a date. :)

I started the day with $0.28. After I added the Amazon money, deducted for the chicken wrap, and added a few more coins that somehow appeared in my wallet (really, I have no idea, but there was more than twenty-eight cents in my wallet today. Weird.), I have $32.60 at my disposal.

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  1. I've had good luck selling some textbooks on I've never tried amazon...maybe I should!