Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If I could marry TV shows on DVD, I probably would. That's how much I love them.

I only need 14 more of these....

Search & Win

To be able to buy this...

That's right...I am a mere 14 Swagbucks away from being able to buy a season of Big Love on DVD without spending any money! When I get there, I will have my fourth gift certificate ($20 total) and will combine that with my Amazon Mechanical Turk money (which I am totally over, but managed to earn $14.50 with.)

So, if you are interested in joining Swagbucks (totally free, earn "bucks" for doing internet searches) click the above link. They have gift cards to all sorts of places, as well as some other prizes. And if you're interested in Big Love (you really should be) click the link next to this one. (Yes, I'm trying out Amazon Associates.)


  1. Haha, is this a product placement blogisode? You crack me up, Fletch!

  2. What is Big Love? 14 more is nothing!! Good job, and good job so far on the No Spend January.

  3. Big Love is a great HBO show...I don't have cable (not even basic) so I allow myself these DVD purchases. Although, my resolution is to get them all with Swagbucks so I don't spend any money on them. :)

    And yes Tash, it is. My personal finance blog has a goal of accountability, networking in the PF world, and making some dough. In that order. :)