Sunday, January 10, 2010

No Spend January Day 10

Today was a lazy Sunday, which is nice because I am starting work again tomorrow. I slept in and then caught up with some shows on Hulu and finished my book club book. Then, determined to get in one more no drive day before work starts, I walked to Ralphs to buy some groceries. I realized that my shopping before the month started wouldn't tide me over, so I decided to stock up before school starts. I bought the ingredients to make Gouda and Beer Mac & Cheese, a recipe I got from my friend Lana's blog. Delicious, and with plenty left over for other meals. I also bought more waffle mix and some blueberries, which I am currently making in the waffle iron to freeze so I will have plenty of breakfasts for when I'm working. (I make them in the waffle iron, let them cool completely, and freeze them in ziplock bags. They are super easy to throw in the toaster and taste WAY better than Eggo). I also picked up a couple of frozen pizzas and some ramen, in case I get desperate.

I also did some planning with my bank account, and realized that it's a very good thing I am working on not spending money this month (at least not my regular income). Since I paid for my online class and put a couple hundred toward my credit cards, I am Broke with a capital B. Along with my traffic ticket being due next month, January and February are not going to be great savings months for me. But, I still feel victorious because neither of these expenses went onto my credit card. I am not more in debt because of them. My credit card balances haven't gotten a whole lot smaller this month, but I feel victorious because in the past I would have just put them on my credit card and gone even further into debt.

It's frustrating, because I feel like whenever I decide to really take control of my finances, unforeseen expenses sneak up on me. In the past I have thrown in the towel and put things on my credit cards. But this time, I refuse to give in.

2010 will be the year when I take control of my finances. That's it. I know there will be hurdles and challenges, but I can do it and I will.

Wow, that was a tangent. But I started the day with $24.18 and ended the same way. (Grocery store came out of my checking account.)


  1. I think you made a great realization about how having money available to keep you from going into more debt is essential to a lifetime of responsible money management.

    It might feel like you're running on a treadmill but I think you've made huge strides towards knowing how to manage your money long term. You'll get out of debt soon and when you do you'll see your savings grow like crazy.

  2. I'm trying to thing the same way 2010 will be my year to get my finances under control...I'll be rooting for you also!!!!

  3. beer & gouda mac? can you post that recipe on one of your blogs and stop teasing us!? =P

  4. Click on the word's "Lana's Blog" for the recipe. DELICIOUS!