Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Days 18-20

I've been busy.

Monday I went and saw Up in the Air with Shelley and Kerri. One of the problems with No Spend January is that it falls during awards season, when there are millions of movies I want to see. So, I went to a matinee and spent $8.75. I liked the movie and was glad to get at least one probably Oscar contender off of my To-See list. Later, I went to have dessert with my friend who was in town visiting. Her hostess made cookies, so that was free. :)

Tuesday I worked all day and then had curriculum council after school. The day also involved being on lockdown for tornado warning. Yes, you read that correctly. Tornado warning in Southern California. Crazy. My carpool buddy graciously agreed to swing by the library on our way home so I could keep it as a No Drive Day. And then we drove through Del Taco because I was in the mood for something cheap and dirty. I spent $4.

I had another moment of weakness this morning, and stopped at McDonald's for an iced coffee and also ended up getting some cinnamon melts. So I spent another $3.89. I know, I know. It's especially terrible that I had fast food again, since everyone else in the personal finance blogging world is starting 30 Day Shred AND I watched the Biggest Loser last night, which should have motivated me not to have McDonald's. Sigh. But, on the plus side I also came straight home after work (the streets were flooding, so my errands are postponed), ate food I had at home, and transferred another $14.03 into my checking from I've spent the last few hours watching LOST on hulu...I can't wait for the last season!

So, after a few fast food purchases and one good movie, my balance is $29.59. I am going to happy hour to catch up with some old friends from Jr. High. My goal is to spend no more than $10. Hopefully by making that public, I will stick to it.


  1. Do the 30 day shred too and work off that Mcdonalds. Peer pressure...

  2. i like this pun after your fast food guilt: "But, on the plus side..."