Saturday, January 2, 2010

No Spend January Day 2

Today I had several errands to run. First, I went to the post office to mail a few items I sold on (I will add the profit of selling my items when it actually posts to my checking account, which may take a few weeks.) Next, I stopped by the bank to deposit the check I mentioned yesterday, so I can legitimately spend some of my money. Then I went to the recycling center at Cal State Long Beach to turn in my bottles and cans. I learned that wine bottles don't have CRV, so you don't get money for them. This resulted in me getting a little less than I anticipated, but I wanted to get rid of the two bags of cans in my car, and I got $3.28 for the items. Not amazing, but I think every penny will count this month.

After I picked up my sister from the airport I headed to Mimi's Cafe to meet my good friend from High School, Adriana. We enjoyed a meal and sat talking forever. I think we could sit and talk forever-she's just that kind of friend. I ordered the caesar salad and soup and ended up spending $8 with tax and tip. Totally worth it to hang out with Adri. :)

Tonight I think I am just hanging around the house-it doesn't feel like a Saturday night since we celebrated New Year's Eve by going out on Thursday. Might watch a movie or something with the roommate, but I am done spending money, unless it is spare change to rent something. Tomorrow will be another spendy day for my aunt's birthday, but hopefully I can slow it down in the days ahead.

So, adding recycling and taking away what I spend on lunch I now have $24.62 at my disposal.

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  1. Good job on your spending and earning. You are hardcore!