Monday, December 27, 2010

My friends are craftier than your friends...

...they're craftier than me too though, so don't feel bad.

I got many great Christmas gifts, but two of my favorites are gifts that were made for me! I thought I'd share them in case any of you crafty types feel inspired to try them out for yourself.

Crafty item number one was made by my lovely sister. I needed a new clock for my kitchen, since the one I bought eight years ago from Big Lots for $4 finally broke a few months ago. (Which is an awesome frugal thing in and of itself). I mentioned this to my sister, so she decided to make me a new clock. She went somewhere economical (since my Big Lots clock lasted eight years, I'm glad to have another from there) and then went to work. She took the clock apart and decoupaged magazine pictures of various foods to the face. Since that covered the numbers, she traced numbers onto white paper and glued them to the glass (or in this case plastic) on the front of the clock. Voila! My own personalized kitchen clock, which I adore!
Be jealous. Be very jealous.

My second crafty friend is Becca, who made me a set of coasters for Christmas. This one I am actually going to try out soon, so we'll see if mine come out even half as well. She took plain white tile, glued felt to the bottom and then used decoupage to put different scrapbook paper on the tops of the coasters. I LOVE this idea! I have a bunch of old scrapbook paper laying around and this seems like a great use for it. If I am successful, I plan on making them as gifts for various people this year. I love the ones Becca made me, so hopefully other people will like them too!

So fun and functional :)


  1. Love the coasters! This idea is a keeper!

  2. I love these! I have a plain black clock hanging in my kitchen and now I know how to jazz it up! And I just thought of 5 people I could make those coasters for. Great post!

  3. I'm glad you like the clock, FLAVA.

    I didn't picture the coasters as being that beautiful. I want to make them too, now. Sister project!

  4. I guess because "scrapbook paper" calls to mind like horrible 90s scrapbook paper that says GIRLS NIGHT OUT on it in cheesy letters. But now I kind of want to make GIRLS NIGHT OUT coasters, now that I mention it...

  5. I've been meaning to do those coasters for over a year now. I found a video online that went step by step on how to do them. I have the tiles and the paper that I want on them. All I need to do is by the decoupage glue.

    I was planning on making some for my friend as a wedding gift and another friend as a baby shower gift. Using pictures of them as the "coaster" material. Engagement photos and the like, just to make them more personal.

    Also, the clock, VERY jealous!