Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Decisions, decisions

As I mentioned before, I unfortunately did not achieve National Board Certification this year...and I have one more year to retake before I'm done. I am only 6 points away, so I believe I can do it! I have decided to redo two portfolio entries (lots of writing and one with a video of my actually teaching a lesson), as well as one of the assessment center exercises. I wasn't go to do the assessment center, since it's worth less points, but I figured since this is my last shot, I need to really go for it and make sure I pass.

Total price tag? $1,050. The payoff is a 15% raise though, so (assuming I actually pass the damn thing this time) it will be well worth it over the course of my career.

How am I paying for it? I joined a cohort group which offers a $600 scholarship. That should be posted to my account any day now, so I am waiting to pay until that happens. I am also looking into other scholarships, but I'm not depending on that. That leaves $450 for me to pay next month. I know I have some Christmas money coming from my grandma, and while that's not a super exciting way to spend it, I think I'm going to use whatever I get from her towards that balance. I should be able to make up the rest in my January budget if I'm a careful spender again, though that doesn't leave much room to save for moving or pay extra on my car.

It's annoying that I keep getting slowed down on my financial goals. The things I've spent on are valid (classes, gym membership, National Boards, car maintenance) but I also really want to put a dent in my car loan! I've actually made pretty good money selling items on Amazon and Ebay this month, which may save me from breaking into my E-fund, but I don't have too much left that I'm willing to sell, so that's going to slow down in the next few months.

But it's a new year, which means taxes. I can't wait to do my taxes! (seriously)

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