Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Spending Recap

I didn't want to post this until after Christmas, since I am certainly not anonymous. I'm not going to break down the prices for each item for that same reason...awkward. Thankfully, my people are cool with keeping gifts reasonable, so no one feels obligated to go crazy. Here's what I bought for Christmas gifts:

Mom-Calendar (she likes to big kind with lots of room to write)
Sister-Amy Sedaris' new craft book and a photo collage from Walgreens (free with coupon)
Aunt-Snapfish calendar with pretty pictures of my travels and stocking stuffers, since I drew her name this year. :)
Grandma-The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (she loves mysteries), and a fancy loofah that she wanted
Boy-Best of the Moth Podcast CD set, Married with Children t-shirt (his favorite show)
Work gift exchange-The Hangover on DVD, blanket, popcorn (movie night kit!)
Student TA-$20 gift card to Zoomies...which I had never heard of, because I'm old now, apparently
BFF gifts-got them each a DVD since we decided to do a $10 limit
Roommate-Christmas ornament from Peet's Coffee (we do ornaments every year)
Students-Got them each a book from Scholastic, got yearbook class Christmas pencils (since I figure they get enough candy)
Partner Teacher-Stationary set for her desk...super cute, I actually wanted to keep it!
White Elephant Party-Apples to Apples, The Jewish Edition

I also bought and mailed out Christmas cards that I got from Snapfish, which was part of my Christmas budget.

Anyway, by utilizing coupons, giftcards from Swagbucks/my birthday I spent a total of $174 for all of those items. That was within my planned budget, so I feel really good about this Christmas. I also got some lovely items from my generous friends and family. But most importantly, I got to spend time with my family and close friends over the past few days, and that (as cliche as this is) is the best gift of all.

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