Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Goals Recap

Wow...I had certainly forgotten about some of these. But without further ado...

Goals for 2010

30 Coverage Days: Not sure. Probably not exactly, though I did teach summer school, which is lots of extra hours. I think it's close though.

100 No Drive Days: FAIL. I am currently at 54 and I am hoping for a few more by New Year's, but obviously there is no way I can get to 100 by then. It was an interesting experiment and did affect the way I think about driving my car.

No more than 60 days dining out: HAHAHAHAHA. I forgot all about this one and totally FAILED.

Only buy books, DVDs, and CDs using Amazon Mechanical Turk funds or Swagbucks gift cards. CHECK! I used Swagbucks gift cards a ton and actually bought very few items for myself this year anyway. 

Make $100 selling items on Amazon and Ebay: CHECK! I actually made $328.62 this year selling stuff on Amazon and Ebay. $122.65 was from December alone, which was awesome! I know I have less stuff next year, so I don't expect as high of a number for next year, but I do want to keep selling stuff online.
Completely pay off credit cards and save $3,000 in down payment fund by the end of the year. Goal Change! I did completely pay off my credit card in September, and I have paid lots of extra on my car instead of starting the down payment fund. But I am pleased with that choice.

So, that's that. Maybe I should pay better attention to my goals for 2011 so I know what I'm trying to accomplish. ;)

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