Friday, January 1, 2010

No Spend January Day 1

Happy New Year! Well, today I slept in after some celebrating last night, so most of the day was spent in bed not spending any money. :) First, I have a check from my friend that I am cashing first thing tomorrow, but I also had some leftover New Year's Eve cash, since I ended up not spending any money last night. :) So, the check I will cash is for $36.16, which I am allowing myself to spend since it's money owed to me (See the post about the rules).

I had some Christmas gifts to return to Macy's, and I hadn't seen my friend Shelley in a while, so we met up at the mall for me to do some returns and her to do some shopping. With my returns I was able to get a new watch, which has been on my list for some time. It has a black leather band-it's simple and classy and I love it. Because of the generosity of my gift-giver, I was able to get a new Guess watch with only $6.82 out of pocket. After visiting several stores with Shelley, we were starving, but I resisted the temptation to get food at the mall since I have plenty of groceries at home...and it's my No Spend month! Also, I have to pre-planned activities where I will be eating out (catching up with an old friend, a birthday lunch, etc.), so I need to save my free money for those events.

That means at the end of today I have $29.34 available this month.

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