Thursday, December 31, 2009

No Spend January...

I got the idea of No Spend January from a blogger who did No Spend November. He updated his blog daily to show his progress and I enjoyed reading it and was so inspired that I have decided to do my own No Spend month. This month is especially appropriate, since I have to pay for a class at National University this month, which is costing me $1500. I am not a fan of having to pay for the class (or do the work for that matter), but I am a fan of having a job. Also, I got a ticket for running a yellow/red light from one of those intersection cameras, which comes to a whopping $446!! Ouch. The moral of that story is stop for yellow lights! Or where a crazy mask when you drive so they can't prove it was you. Anyway, I'm rambling...

Here are the rules:

*I can only spend my regular income on bills and necessities: rent, utilities, car insurance, etc. I am attempting to make it through the month of January only refilling my tank twice. This means I need to take advantage of carpooling with my coworkers and walking when I am going somewhere in my neighborhood.

*I went grocery shopping on the 30th and bought the ingredients to make several meals that I can freeze and eat throughout the month, as well as some basic staples to last me throughout the month. Therefore, no grocery shopping from my January check!

*The only money I can spend is extra money I bring in this month, such as recycling, selling items on ebay, finally cashing a check I have had for a month or so, etc. Whatever I can scrounge up is what I can use for eating out, movies, etc. The only exception to this is spare change, although most of that goes for parking meters and laundry.

I think that's it. I am anticipating the first week being the hardest, as I am still on break and will be tempted to spend money to hang out with people. Also, I have a friend coming into town Martin Luther King weekend, who I have not seen in a few years, so if she wants to plan dinner out, I am going to want to go. Basically, as long as I can plan accordingly and save my extra income for those events, I should be okay. Wish me luck!

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