Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Spend January Day 13

Today was another busy workday. I shipped Better Off Dead, which I sold on Amazon after work, and got home around 5:00 to discover another CD sold, which is good. But also means I am making my millionth trip to the post office this week. Oh well, money is money!

After I got home, I hustled to get ready since I had another date (with a different guy. I'm telling you, is an investment.) I went to a lovely dinner at The Rusty Pelican, a nice seafood place in Newport. I had a raspberry lemon drop martini and salmon for dinner. Yum on both counts. The restaurant overlooked the bay and the boats, so it had a nice ambiance too. My date was a gentleman and paid for dinner, so I only spent $5 on the valet parking, making my "balance" $18.98. (I think I will transfer my recent Amazon sales this weekend, but it's nice to know they are there.)


  1. You are a prolific dater! I predict you will be a homeowner BEFORE 30, and maybe not from saving money. :) :)