Thursday, January 28, 2010

No Spend January Day 28

Today I went on a field trip to LACMA with my students. It was a good day and the kids had a lot of fun...and I am EXHAUSTED. I ended up getting lunch from Subway this morning, spending $6.24. I realized that all of my lunch stuff is items that need to be microwaved, and since there is no microwave at LACMA, I bought lunch. Ugh.

I honestly think I am going to end up in the hole for January. I am recycling on Saturday and I just sold a DVD on Amazon (but only made a few bucks on it. I'll know exactly how much after I ship it and deduct postage). I have a commitment to go out to a bar and listen to a jazz band tomorrow night, but I am planning on just having one drink.

On the plus side, I carpooled today, so I have another No Drive Day under my belt! That makes eight this month!

I ended the day down $11.77.

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