Friday, January 15, 2010

No Spend January Day 14

Thursday was a long day-worked all day and then had book club (which I love!) in the evening. After work I headed to The Market (an upscale Vons in the neighborhood) to pick up an appetizer to bring to book club. I bought some parmesan pesto dip and parmesan olive bread, as well as some orange blueberry Italian Soda, spending $9.67. Then I headed to book club, where the smorgasbord of goodness was overwhelming. It was delicious and I always have fun at book club.  :)

Also, one of my friends who is in book club is the one whose cat I fed over the break, and she paid me last night. She was very generous, so I got to add $80 to my extra income. (Wow!) Considering how much I spend on my National University class this month, I am going to stick with the original plan and deduct my groceries from my running total. I definitely wasn't expecting $80, so this is quite the windfall. :)

Anyway, with all the adjustments, that leaves my spending balance at $65.20. Not too shabby heading into the weekend.

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