Tuesday, January 5, 2010

No Spend January Day 5

Well, I collected my spare change this morning (minus my laundry quarters) and headed over to the coin machine to cash in the change I keep in my giant martini glass on my nightstand. I upped my total from $2.28 to $6.68. I also went to the library and checked out my book club book (which I most certainly would have ordered on Amazon six months ago). Next, I hit up happy hour at Taco Surf (a cheap favorite). I had a great time and since I only had one beer, I only spent four bucks. Then we actually headed to a second bar, where I enjoyed the delicacy known as "Bud Light." :) I spent two more bucks on that leaving me with twenty-eight cents to my name (well, not to my name. But that I am allowed to spend).

Luckily, I sold an item on ebay today for $11, so as soon as that comes through I am back in business. I am also hoping to make tomorrow my first no drive, no spend day of the year. Wish me luck!


  1. this sequence is so epic. it has a tinge of Survivor to it. plot. =)

  2. Thanks Tash! I was just wondering if it was a bit much, but I appreciate your encouragement!