Saturday, January 9, 2010

No Spend January Day 8

Yesterday I went and got my haircut (built into my budget under bills, which is totally questionable, I realize). Then I had lunch with my friends Becca and Krista. We went to Rubio's and I got a kid's meal, spending $5.90. We hung out for the rest of the afternoon, which was lovely. Then when Becca's husband came home we had sandwich's at her house and went to get frozen yogurt, which ran me $3.02. I left to head home, but then decided to meet up with a few friends who went to a bar in Hermosa Beach where an 80's cover band was playing. Super fun! It might be one of my new favorite spots, the band was awesome and the crowd was pretty mellow. I spend $8.50 there, since one of my friends generously bought me a drink.

In terms of profit, I sold an item on ebay and was able to transfer $12.32 into my checking account. So, I started the day with $32.60. After adding and deleting, I ended up with $28.50, and had a great time with old friends, new friends, and singing along to Journey songs with strangers. :)


  1. Jess! This blog has a totally new meaning to me now that I am the biggest loser. I mean, unemployed. I am totally inspired by you and will be following in your footsteps with profits from my etsy store, perhaps??