Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is my Confession...

I haven't really been tracking my spending this month. I started out doing it, but a few factors led to my downfall:

1. The move. I didn't have internet for a week or so, and I usually do my tracking by using a combination of receipts and my online banking system. No online system, and with things in boxes and between the two apartments, I just lost track, to be honest.
2. Excel. See, up until this month I've used the old fashioned pen and paper method to keep track of my spending. I divide the paper into categories and add up my totals in each category by hand. I  decided to switch methods because I'm a pretty computer savvy person, and it seemed silly to use paper when Excel will do the math for me. BUT, here's the downside. On paper, I can look at see if I already added a purchase, since I have to write down each one individually. On Excel, I just have the running total, so I found myself asking, "Did I record the $4.79 I spent at Taco Bell on moving day?" and having no idea of the answer.
3. I'm overspending in certain categories and I don't know how to fix it. I overspent on groceries, and I'm going to have to buy more food again before payday. I don't know about the fun/eating out category, though I suspect if I'm not over it's pretty damn close. I've just sort of given up. I still have a cushion in my checking account, and I'm looking my statement up online everyday to make sure I don't go over.

Basically, I'm over January. I'm ready for a fresh start, my budget on paper, and my yearbook stipend, which will be in this check. I'll also (hopefully) be getting at least part of my deposit back from my old apartment, so I can replenish the E-fund. And I am salivating at the thought of getting my W2 so I can do taxes and get my return. I want a fully-funded E-fund again and to be able to make an extra payment on my car! And a dining room table. Oh February, February, wherefore art though February?

Okay, I'll stop. And yes, I know I could have been better and more organized...this is me admitting that I'm human. Blech.

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