Monday, January 31, 2011

Beginning to Feel Like Home...

Yesterday I went to my friend Shelby's house to pick up an old dresser of hers, which is bigger than the one I had in my room. So, I put my old dresser in the dining room, where it totally works. I put some serving dishes, table cloths, and other dining room related items in the drawers, so it's functional and cute. Then I took my overflow drawers, which were those rolling tupperware ones and put them in my large hall closet. 

After that, I was on a roll. I hung up a bunch of pictures, rearranged some lamps, and did a little cleaning. I still have more to do, but just hanging up a few things on the walls really makes it feel like home.

I also wrote my rent check last night...ouch. I am SO over January. My E-fund is pretty much empty and I am broke until payday. Payday, however, is going to be a big one, so that helps. 


  1. When I moved into my place, it was definitely those little touches that made it seem that much more like home. Enjoy every minute of this process and best of luck for the new month!! :)

  2. pictures? I'd love to see your dresser in the dining room!