Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spend Less January Week 1

Note: I am trying to spend WAY less than usual on eating out and entertainment because of my move this month. When I say "total spent" I just mean within that category. It doesn't include groceries or gas or any other items that I spend money on.

January 1st: The bf paid for us to go to Magic Mountain, where I learned that I am officially too old for roller coasters because I got super sick! The Mountain is lame and won't let you bring in any food or beverages whatsoever. He paid for our lunch too, so I offered to get dinner on the way home. Then we came home and crashed immediately.
Total Spent: $39.42

January 2nd: Came home and had meeting for National Boards with some co-workers at my place. Someone brought Pumpkin bread and refused to take it back, so I got to have it for breakfast for a few days. Then I went to church in the evening with the bf and he bought me dinner after since he wasn't interested in what I had at home for dinner.
Total Spent: $0 :)

January 3rd: Started a free class for salary points. Pumpkin bread for breakfast. My friend in the class owed me a lunch, so she treated me to Rubio's. I told her that I wanted to bring lunch the rest of the week and she said she'd do that too. I came home and had some of my leftover tamales for dinner and watched Netflix.
Total Spent: $0 :)

January 4th: More pumpkin bread for breakfast. Last of my tamales for lunch. Kari and I went to the gym after class and then I went to the grocery store and packed my lunch for Wednesday. I also made the delicious pasta salad I posted the recipe to earlier in the week.
Total Spent: $0

January 5th: Pop tarts for breakfast (I know, I know). Pasta salad for lunch, an apple, and some rice cakes for a snack. Came home, watched the first disc of Breaking Bad before I went to Book Swap at my friend Juliet's house. I also stopped by the store because I forgot one of the dip ingredients and also picked up a bottle of wine to bring to Book Swap.
Total Spent: $0 :)

January 6th: Pop tarts again for breakfast. Pasta salad for lunch with my apple and rice cakes as a snack. Stopped at the library on the way home and picked up The Help, which I've been wanting to read. After class the BF come over. We walked to the store and he picked up some bread and soda to go with the last of the pasta salad for dinner. We just hung out, watched some Arrested Development and went to bed (I was up really late from Book Swap the night before).
Total Spent: $0 :)

January 7th: Yes, Pop tarts again. Kari also surprised me with a travel mug of coffee when she picked me up for carpooling, which was nice. I had a snack of rice cakes and an apple during class. We got out early, so Kari and I went straight to the gym after class and then I came home and had a lean cuisine. I also mailed two items I sold on Amazon, did some dishes, and hung out for the afternoon. I had planned to meet my friend Lindsay at California Pizza Kitchen (using my gift card) but she had to cancel. So instead I made waffles (trying to use up food before the move) and started reading The Help.
Total Spent: $0 :)

Total spent on eating out for the week: $39.42
-This is less than I would have usually spent, but I would like to keep it even lower next week. I am proud of myself for eating at home and planning Book Swap, which was good, cheap fun. :)


  1. Not sure how you can stop off and buy a bottle of wine and have a no spend day. Am I missing something here !!!!!!!

  2. Haha. Well, like I said, I'm not counting my grocery shopping. I included wine in my grocery budget since I got it at the grocery store. I also include basic toiletries and cleaning supplies as groceries, it's a pretty broad category. :)

  3. You seem to be going great! I love pasta salad too, and that's almost exclusively the only kind of salad I eat. :-) I think no spend week goes by more smoothly if there is plenty to cook at home.

    PS. After reading you Amazon selling post, I listed my books on Amazon and today was my first sale. :-)