Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moving Week, This and That

I've been MIA because I'm in the throws of moving and it was a busy week at work. Here are some random updates, to tide you over. :)

-->I called Verizon to switch my internet service to my new place and they said it won't activate until February 4th! What??!! The guy blamed it on the rain (Milli Vanilli reference!), but the boyfriend, who is moving 4 blocks away from me is getting his this week. Suspicious! I need to call again and ask about it.

-->Also, the gas company is making me sit at home to wait for them for four hours, so I'm taking Tuesday off. Which will be nice after I spend my three day weekend moving.

-->I spent the most boring $50 last night. Trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, some feminine products, and salt. I hate spending money on that stuff, but it's all necessary.

-->The eating out less challenge is going okay. I have made more of an effort than I normally would have during this busy of a week, but I did go out to sushi the other night. It was delicious though.

-->Posts to come: spending update for this week, list of stuff I need for the apartment, eventually a moving costs breakdown, and really eventually pictures of my new place once it's not a disaster with boxes everywhere.

Now, I'm off to load my car with some boxes and meet my awesome mom who is going to come over and put the shelf liner in my cupboards and drawers for me. She's the best. :)


  1. Have fun moving. I always loved the excitment of a new home and unpacking!

  2. Hope your move went smoothly. I've always found moving into a new place felt like a new beginning in my life - a new chapter...

    All the best!