Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Freebie Beyond My Expectations

A few months ago on The Freebie Blogger they had an offer to sign up to be a special member at Bath & Body Works. They mailed me a little pink card with spots for January through May. The deal is that you go in on a Thursday anytime during a given month and you get some sort of freebie. I figured it would be one of the mini lotions or something, but I'm a sucker for free, so I stopped in last Thursday to check it out.

To my happy surprise, I got to take home a full-size hand soap, a mini hand sanitizer and one of their holsters for the hand sanitizer. (Why do people need those holster things anyway? I don't get it.) SCORE. I'll definitely be there each month. As of now, the freebies are in my closet with a few other Bath & Body Works items that I haven't used. They'll either be little gifts or I'll get a decent collection and then sell them as a group on Ebay. I was stoked about getting that stuff for free.

Basically, I'm just bragging since it's too late to sign up for the program. Oh wait, the moral is: take advantage of freebies, no matter how small they seem. You may be pleasantly surprised. That sounds like a weird fortune cookie or something. I haven't blogged in a while, leave me alone!

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