Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spending My Swagbucks!

This week most of my Amazon gift cards posted from Swagbucks, so I went online and placed two orders. First, I ordered my carry-on luggage that I will use for my trips to Alaska and Chicago this summer. (And for a three day San Francisco trip to go to a Giants/Dodgers game next week). I chose purple to make it easy to spot and because it's pretty. It arrived today, in plenty of time for all my travels. I was glad to get this for free, especially since being able to carry-on my bag instead of check it will save me a hundred bucks or so just this season. Here is a stock photo of my pretty new luggage:

Both bags were $40, but FREE for me since I used my Swagbucks!
I also ordered shampoo and conditioner by Enjoy. Basically this is a fancy pants, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that I love. I like how it smells, how my hair feels, and that it doesn't leave any build up in my hair. The damage for both of them was $30. Which is a lot for shampoo and conditioner, but after switching to cheaper brands I really still missed my Enjoy products. So I splurged...oh, but wait...they were FREE thanks to Swagbucks. :) 

It's nice to have Swagbucks for things like this. No, it's not as exciting as buying a Kindle or an iPod (which I almost had enough for, actually), but the little things make me happy and it makes me even happier that it didn't come out of my budget!


  1. Nice haul! How long did it take you to save up enough SBs? Did you do anything other than searching to earn them?

  2. 1. Go the Giants
    2. Great bags, purple is a great colour and will be easy to find, I often travel with a camel coloured bag which is easy to spot in a sea of black luggage.
    3. Great use of your Swagbucks, a mix of sensible necessity with some luxury thrown in.

  3. I love Swagbucks! I've been able to get some good stuff through Amazon. I'm saving mine up now hoping to get some gifts for family as it gets closer to the holidays. Sweet score!

  4. I really like the luggage. I think that things like Swagbucks should be used for things that you really want but might not otherwise buy like expensive shampoo.