Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It Pays to be Nice

Especially when I am nice to my grandma.

On Sunday my cousin, mom, grandma and I all went out to lunch together. Cousin and I initiated it and we drove up together to pick up my grandma. We went to Mimi's for lunch and my grandma treated, as she always does. During lunch we were talking and my grandma mentioned that she had a lot of papers that she needed organized in her desk-bills and statements, all sorts of stuff. My cousin said that she likes organizing things, and I said that I did too. We offered to help her out after lunch. She said no for a bit, but then took us up on it.

My grandma is actually very neat and orderly, but she had been sticking all her paperwork in a drawer and not filing it...we've all been guilty of that before, right? Since her eyesight isn't what it once was, going through everything would have been a huge chore. So, Karen and I set to work and spent about two hours getting things in perfect order.

As I organized I found a check from her life insurance company. After some, "For heaven's sakes!" from my grandma, she said, "Well, since I wouldn't have known that was here if you hadn't found it, I'll take it to the bank and mail you each half of it." We said she didn't have to, but today when I got home from my trip I had a thank you card and a check for $75 from my grandma. It was so nice of her! I decided that I am going to use it to buy a pair of Tom's shoes, which I've been wanting for a few months now. I'll take what's left on my trip to Alaska to visit my sister next week.

So, you should be nice. It feels good and sometimes it pays...literally.


  1. Grandmas are the best!


  2. your grandma is a sweet heart! my great aunt is just like that!!

  3. Grandmas are always the sweetest. When I go to see my nan she always feeds me and tries to give me $20 for gas. She never has the money to give but she always tries. Of course I always take the food but never take the money :0)

  4. Grandmas are the best, I was lucky to live int he same town as both of my Grandmothers and always enjoyed their little treats.

    "A garden of Love grows in a Grandmother's heart."