Sunday, July 10, 2011

Craigslist Tips

Since BF is moving in this week, I went ahead and got rid of my ancient TV, my DVD player, and my large TV hutch. He has a much better TV than I do and a Play Station that can play DVDs. My TV hutch wouldn't fit his TV, so I went ahead and got rid of it.

I listed it on Craigslist early last week with very little luck. I asked for $120 for all three, without listing a separate price for each. My ad had a picture and information about the items. No dice.

Then, inspired by my BFs ad for his dining room table, I attempted to be funny in my ad. I joked about how my TV was huge, but not the screen-it was a giant, heavy TV. I also mentioned the DVD player could hold two discs, so if you're lazy you don't have to get off the couch for hours at a time. I gave a separate price for each item and offered all three for $100 (a $20 discount). I made a few other jokes and posted it.

I got three responses in 24 hours. I think the humor made the ad stand out among a million others for similar items. I replied to all three, but only one answered my call/responded. Luckily, he came and bought all three the following morning. :)

So, I added $100 to my extra funds sidebar, which was a huge boost! I've also been selling DVDs and more books on Amazon in the last few weeks, so I'm now really close to my $500 goal!


  1. Good idea! I LOVE craigslist. I haven't had a ton of luck selling things, but I have had luck buying things! Haha.

  2. I'm currently in the middle of selling my car on Criagslist and I've already avoided two scams. :-\

  3. Craigslist is really hit or miss. I tried to sell my car on it and even the people who actually showed up and said they'd call flaked out. On the other hand, I've found a decent babysitting job.

    Also, whenever there's something for free, I've never gotten a response when I say I'm interested.. you'd think even if the item was gone the person would write back saying so. Weird..