Monday, July 25, 2011

Shopping Rampage

Nautical, soft t-shirt. Perfect for summer,
Dodger games, and for when I go out on my
yacht. $7.99 from Ross.
This weekend I got bit by the shopping bug. It has been months since I've gone shopping, and I let myself go for it this weekend. But, the budget is still balanced since I brought in some extra money this month and was under in my gas budget. Since I rarely shop, I am going to extend the thrill by posting some pictures of my purchases. AKA clothes porn for those of you on shopping bans. Not pictured is a plain white t-shirt that I think will be really cute with a pair of jeans and my Toms, but makes for a boring picture. And speaking of pictures, the formatting is all jacked up. Whatever.

Cute shirt for work. $12.99 from Marshalls.

I finally got a pair of Toms! I was tempted to get the
super cute pink ones, but I went for the more versatile gray.
Price: $44, but if you're familiar with Toms you know
that also bought a pair of shoes for a kid in a 3rd World country.
New Kennth Cole Reaction sunglasses. $12.99 at Marshalls.
My apartment is very bright, which is why I wear them in
my living room.
Hello, Lover. This is my new black purse.
I heart it. It was originally an $80 purse,
but I got it for $33 at Ross. 


  1. Love the comment about shades in the living room...hahaha. I also did some shopping this weekend; must be something in the water? Although, I am still on a clothing ban so my purchases were groceries, Sephora & housewares at Macy's. Next week's spending report won't be as pretty as previous ones.

    Enjoy your purchases!

  2. you did pretty well! I still haven't jumped on board with Tom's. I'm not a huge fan of the shoes, but when I see other people wear them they look pretty cute!
    I just bought my sperry's boat shoes for $67 and that is gonna be the end of my shoe purchasing for like...this year. SO expensive. $67 is a lot when you're on a tight budget!

  3. Oh, what a fun shopping trip for you! I'm jealous. Thanks for sharing with us :) I feel like I got my clothes fix for the day.

  4. Wonderful stuffs. This is what I looks for myself in a shopping mall. I am fond of having new new dresses all the time and these are absolutely stunning to be implemented in the weekends. I am extremely amazed with these collection.

  5. Okay, so that last comment is pretty clearly spam of some sort, but I am way too amused at, "to be implemented in the weekends" to delete it.

  6. Nice, especially the stripe top. I nearly had a downfall with two of them the other day. Love your purchases !