Monday, October 25, 2010

Not Wasting Food

You know how some PF bloggers do "Food Waste Fridays"? I don't. Because it would probably be embarrassing. I could make excuses about how it's hard not to waste food when it's just you. And justify that I do better than I used to. But frankly, I end up throwing food away fairly often. It's not good.

But today, my friends, I had a food waste victory. Here's the recipe for my breakfast:

*3 eggs
*Last bit of salsa left in a jar from a crock pot recipe
*Last bit of cheddar cheese, sliced because there wasn't enough to really grate
*Half a leftover french dip sandwich from a restaurant two days ago in which the meat is still good, but the bread is definitely questionable.

Heat up a pan with some butter. Scramble the eggs into it. Once eggs are almost cooked, pull the meat off of the sandwich and throw the bread away. Also, throw away the one random french fry in the leftover container. Mix meat, salsa, and cheese into the eggs to make a southwest scramble. Best served with the last little bit of cranberry juice that you're not sure why you didn't just finish off last time you had some.

Enjoy! :)

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