Thursday, October 14, 2010

A little extra...

I went to a paid training last month, which didn't make it into my regular paycheck. I noticed it got added today, so I immediately transfered a whopping $67.92 toward my car payment. I know, alert the media.

It's in fact such a small amount that when I updated my status bar, it didn't move up a percent. But, I have committed that all my extra money go toward my car payment, and since I was only able to put $155 toward it with my regular check, it felt good to make another transfer toward my principle.

My regular payment goes through in a few days, which will put me at less than $8,000 left to pay. I am also hoping to get at least another small payment in before my November check, which will have some pay missing due to a furlough day.

I am really hoping to have that loan paid off by June...and so far I am on track! And every little bit is getting me there!

1 comment:

  1. It may be a silly slogan, but slow and steady really does "win the race." Kudos for making the decision to send that extra $$, no matter how small the sum, to your debt!