Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Errand List for the Week

I have a lot to do this week, so I made my to-do list broken down by day. And I'm sharing it with you to see if it will make me stick to getting it all done:

Monday: Mail book at Post Office (sale from Amazon), grocery store (stick to meal planning), drop off bag at Goodwill, get cash from ATM for fun for the month.
Tuesday: Clinique gift with purchase, free lotion at Bath & Body Works (coupon), buy mattress pad (use coupon for 20% off), free mascara coupon from Sephora, pick up book at library
Wednesday: Doctor's appointment 4:15
Thursday: Yearbook Adviser Dinner (free night out! Yeah!)
Friday: Shakey's event with teachers union (more free food!)

Miscellaneous: Reschedule hair appointment again, pay extra on car payment, new shirt or dress for reunion, organize files (this might not get done this week)

If I get all this done it will definitely be a productive week...and a little pricey actually. But it's the week of payday, so that makes sense. We shall see if I can do it. I broke it down by day to help me stay on track with all of it, hopefully that helps.

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