Sunday, October 17, 2010

I've got spirit, yes I do. I've got spirit, how 'bout you?

Last week was Spirit Week at my work. I was absent Tuesday, but I participated in all the other days, without spending a dime. Monday was Nerd Day.
Braided pigtails, tape on my real glasses,
a button down, a cardigan, and rolled up jeans
to look like high-waters. 
Wednesday was Neon Day...I wore a shirt I bought at Target three years ago for an 80's party. It's come in handy for two different 80's events, and once again for neon day. I almost got rid of it over the summer, but decided to throw it in my costume bin. Glad I held onto it, it worked perfectly.

Thursday was Character Day. I'm not a t-shirt, cartoon kind of girl, so I didn't have anything. Lucky for me, the BF found a Disney princess button on the ground at Disneyland, which I pinned to my shirt on Thursday. Perfect! I didn't feel bad about keeping it because there were no little girls crying about their lost princess button around.

Friday was Pink Day, in honor of breast cancer awareness and in memory of a teacher at our school who passed away from breast cancer last year. This was easy, since I wear a lot of pink.

It was fun to participate each day, and nice that I was able to round up all the items without spending any it sad that Nerd Day was one of the easiest to put together? What does that say about me?


  1. What does that say about you? You are a AWESOME teacher who loves to share Sprit Week with her students!

  2. Aw, thanks. I think I get more excited about it than some of them! :)

  3. I loved Spirit Week when I was in school and I really appreciated it when the teachers got on board and dressed up with us. It always made me feel like they cared about the school and the students and not just their class.

    The nerd costume would be the easiest for me too. But I think just being a librarian already makes me a nerd!