Thursday, April 7, 2011

Small Sacrifices for Big Goals

I am sitting at work uploading yearbook photos, so I just have to keep an eye on their progress. So I thought I'd sneak a quick blog post in here. I noticed someone commented on my taking internet off my phone post that it was a "good start." It made me realize I do a lot of things to save money each month. Some I've just never had, so it wasn't getting rid of anything, just being frugal from the get go. Here's my list of "luxuries" I go without:

*No cable (never had it since I've been on my own)
*No internet on phone (as of a few days ago)
*No Starbucks unless I have a gift card. I used to go once a week (sometimes twice), but now a co-worker brews coffee and I have that about once a week...I bought a bag of coffee to contribute and might do that again before the year is up. A much better deal!
*I bring my lunch 99% of the time. No time to go off-campus. The exception is an occasional Subway sandwich that I buy before work, or when we have conferences/open house and go off-campus for lunch as a group.
*I have the cheapest Netflix option ($11/month with tax).
*I've stopped buying books, DVDs, and CDs. I use the library, Netflix, and coupons for free downloads of music instead.
*I stopped buying salon shampoo and conditioner (sniff, sniff) and wait until Organix goes on sale to buy it.
*My TV is super big...not the screen but it's a big old bulky one. No flat screen or blue ray or any of that nonsense. :)
*I don't get pedicures or manicures anymore, I do them myself.

Those are the ones that come to mind. I do allow myself other luxuries, like eating out, but I definitely cut corners where I can. I choose what I sacrifice so that I can have some of the other things that I want. And the longer I live this way, the less I even think about it. Starbucks doesn't seem like an option anymore, so it doesn't bother me.

What luxuries have you given up on your quest to reduce debt? Does it feel like a sacrifice?


  1. I follow most of what you've written, except I never thought that pedicure and manicures were luxury, considering some of the health and environmental concerns I've read on them!

  2. I've given up pretty much all of those things except cable which I have been meaning to disconnect this week. I grew up without it and getting it for myself was so satisfying that it's going to be tough giving it up even though I know it's for the best. Another thing I gave up was my occasional trip to the salon for highlights.. I color my hair at home now. I've been meaning to make a list like this but it really depresses me :/
    -The Girl Next Door

  3. I stopped the manicures and pedicures also, along with changing from a high end salon stylist to a lady who is half the price and works out of a hair studio from her home (and I actually like what she does better! than the expensive stylist)

    Hubby and I are on the cheapest packages with our cell phones.

    We no longer go to any music concerts and we get all our DVDs, music, magazines and books from the library now.

    I also limit cooking with meat.

  4. Wow this post has really struck a chord with me. I think I will write a blog reply for this and link back

  5. we only pay $20 a month for cable, and $11 a month for netflix. this girl does NOT do starbucks and always brings her lunch. My monthly mani-pedis that I USED to get, have now been reduced to about once every 2 or 3 months...hey, a girl has to have something ; )