Monday, April 4, 2011

Pay Day Update

Well, today was payday, so my sidebar for my car is updated once again! I did my regular payment early and paid an extra $193.84, bringing my balance down to $1,994.17. Under two grand! I feel so close, but that's still a good chunk of change to pay off! I have an extra $100 in my E-fund right now, and as much as I'm dying to put it to my car payment, I know my car registration should be due in the next few months, so I am going to leave it there for that purpose.

I should also get a mid-month payment of about $80 for covering some classes at the end of the month, so that will go to my car as well. I'm a little behind as far as my goal of paying it off by June, but I'm going to try to be extra frugal so I'll have an extra balance in my other budget lines to put towards my car at the end of the month.

Honestly, June is's one year early, which would be nice, but going into July to pay it off isn't the end of the world either. It's just that once I set a goal I'm competitive with myself to get it done. Anyone else like that? What goal have you set for yourself that you're working on right now?


  1. I like to write my monthly goals the week before the next month. What did I succeed on last month? What should I try again?

    One of my ongoing goals for this year is to cook more and not buy anything for lunch. I have a bad habit of spending on food and snacks!

  2. Congratulations for reaching under $2000! I love seeing my debt go down!

    My goal is to have my credit card debt and parents loan paid off by July. I'm well on my way with the payment plan I have right now, but I can't wait till I reach it!