Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Goals

I don't usually do monthly goals, because then I forget about them and never revisit them, but I have a few I really want to focus on this month. So let's try it for April!

1. Go to DMV and get my address changed. I also need to ask if they already sent the bill for my registration to my old address. It doesn't expire 'til August, but I don't want to have any problems there.

2. Start recycling for cash again. I stopped largely because I didn't have anywhere to store cans and bottles and it annoyed me to have them in my car. But, I want to start up again now that I have a back porch where I can put them.

3. Go through bookshelves, DVD's and CD's again to see if I have anything worth selling.

4. Finish and ship National Boards portfolio!! This is not optional, it HAS to happen!

5. Plan and start finance lessons in my yearbook class after our deadline at the end of the month.

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