Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coasting on Swagbucks

A while back I decided to switch from getting Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks to saving for a bigger goal. The plan was to get a $50 Southwest gift card to use toward a trip at some point. That gift card costs 5,700 "bucks." Last week I made it to that goal (in about four months), and I currently have 5,818.

I could buy a Southwest gift card now and keep it in my account until I want to use it...maybe when I've saved enough to get another one, or just to get a discount on a flight. But, I can also think of some other options. For example, if worst-case scenario happens and I get laid off, I might want to use it for Amazon or Target, where I can buy some necessities. Or, I think about really committing to saving them up and going for the $300 Apple gift card (which costs 37,000) so that I can get a sweet discount when I buy my next laptop. I estimate that one would take about three years of saving Swagbucks...don't know if I'm that patient.

I'm leaning toward holding onto them and seeing what happens. If I need to use it for necessities I can, or I can buy a few Southwest gift cards at once, and hopefully get a whole flight paid for. I do think that not having a short-term goal (like I did with Amazon gift cards) has made me a little more relaxed about earning Swagbucks. I still do my searches and remember to do the daily polls and other freebies most days, but I'm not a code-hunter like I used to be.

Do you do Swagbucks? What are you saving for?


  1. Wow that's awesome that you held off for so long. I redeem mine for $5 amazon cards and once I have 2 of those, I buy a book or something from Amazon. lol! I am very passive too and it takes a month or more to earn the $5

  2. Careful with the Southwest Giftcards. I had thought of buying them to help save for a trip. But when I read the fine print. You can only use 2 giftcards per ticket.