Monday, April 11, 2011

Hunting for Bargains at the Swap Meet

This weekend my friend and I went to the Swap Meet together. She goes pretty often with her mom, and I've been wanting to check it out. We paid our admission of 75 cents and then perused the aisles of...mostly junk. Well, actually there was a lot of good stuff, I just wasn't in the market for housewares or clothes. But, I did spend $6 on the following grocery items. I got toothpaste, Propel lemonade packets, an eyeliner, and a sulfate-free conditioner. I calculate that these items would have cost about $13 at the regular store, so I definitely got a good deal.

I think the Swap Meet could be a good way to get some deals, though I definitely did pass up some more impulsive buys there. Anyone else been to the Swap Meet? Was it worth your time?


  1. We recently went to the one down here in San Diego looking for a bike for my husband. No such luck. We ended up going across the street to Target and paid $100 for one there. The swap did have a ton of stuff there but we didn't end up buying anything. Maybe next time when we're in a different frame of mind and not on the hunt for one specific item. I love bargains!

  2. my neighbor used to own a little shop at the orange county marketplace (in costa mesa). that place was addicting. you could get a ton of stuff for a lot cheaper than in the store.

    i usually stay away now though because i always end up impulse shopping and it's just dangerous...