Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is it worth it?

Today I went to the post office and mailed off two more books that I sold on Amazon. After shipping, I made a total of $3.14. Combined.

I had a moment of, "Seriously?! I'm not destitute. Why not just goodwill these?!"

But then, I thought about how much I have made total selling items on Ebay and Amazon this year. And while they are incrementally small amounts, when you add them all up, it's significant. At least, for me.

Truth be told, most of it doesn't go toward debt. But it allows me to have one more coffee or dinner out during a month. And in my focus on paying off debt and saving, a little extra effort for a little bit of fun it worth it. Maybe once I'm debt free, I'll feel differently. Or maybe my frugal habits are here to stay. Only time will tell. But for now, I'm looking forward to getting some Starbucks one morning before worth. Thanks old books!


  1. Every little bit helps... the extra money I'm making recently by selling stuff online is paying for Christmas this year.

    Even if it doesn't go towards debt... at least it is helping along one of your goals.

    Also, there is nothing wrong with having one more coffee or a dinner out. Some folks get over-zealous about their financial goals that they don't take time out for themselves.

    Btw... Congratulations on having your $1000 emergency fund, I KNOW how good that must have felt!

  2. Yep gotta look at the bigger picture. I am really contemplating quitting my part-time on-call job (not teaching) because I am disliking it and it's low paying. However it really does add up over the year, so I might just have to keep it.