Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Anyone else have AFLAC?

I signed up for disability insurance through AFLAC about a year ago, and then pretty much forgot about it. Which is good, because it means I haven't had any emergencies. But then today I got a wellness form in the mail to fill out. I think it means I will get a check in the mail for going to my wellness appointments, so I eagerly started to fill it out.

They basically wanted to know what wellness appointments I've had this year. I checked off the boxes for eye exam, dental exam, and pap smear. Then it asked for ONE date and ONE doctor for all the procedures.

Um, what?

I didn't get them all done the same day and I CERTAINLY didn't see the same doc for all of those procedures...imagine that conversation. Actually, please don't.

Anyway, I filled out the form with my main doctor's name and the date of her appointment, but still checked off the eye and dental exams.

Anyone else have AFLAC who can tell me what I'm supposed to do? Anyone know how much moolah I'll be getting for this? :)


  1. I'm being bad and picturing the same doctor moving from eye exam to a different one and saying 'which is better....1.................or 2???????'

    bad jolie LOL

  2. Fax it to 1-877-442-3522 (Aflac Claims). The amount depends on the policy you have.

  3. This is unrelated but...where did you find the gadget that keeps track of the amount you have paid off on your loans, etc? I have been looking to put something similar on my blog and can't seem to find a gadget for it. Thanks!