Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Expenses...

...were crazy. I budgeted high and stayed within the plan, but it's definitely more expensive to buy a pre-made costume than to collect things and put together my own costume like I usually do. I'm hoping to go back to that plan next year, but I did have a lot of fun.

I spent $36.69 on my costume (Oktoberfest girl-on sale and the bf used his work discount to get it for me), and bought the BF his costume for $38.83 (a mug of beer). I also brought a case of Corona to the party I attended ($9.99).  Here's the end result...
My favorite part is the beer holster,
with shot glasses attached with velcro. Handy!
I also dressed up for work (in a different costume, obviously). I was a Dodger fan, and I wore my jersey, hat, and bracelet, all with the Dodgers' logo on them. I also drew the LA logo on my face in blue eyeliner, and stuck a rally towel in my back pocket and ta-da! Costume complete. Not my finest effort, but it worked. And it was free, unlike my party costume.

Anyway, I definitely spent more than I know most frugal people would, but it was fun to dress up. Next year I'm hoping to peruse the thrift stores and get a costume for less money or make my own and still manage to look fabulous. :)


  1. Sounds like fun. You make a cute couple.

  2. The costumes are cute! I hope that you guys had a good time.