Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Birthday Freebies!

So my birthday is next Tuesday the 12th. I plan to post pictures of my birthday celebration, but there is another reason I love October...the birthday freebies I get from restaurants! Just today I got a bunch of them in my inbox, and I'm expecting some more in the days to come. I'm listing them not just to show off, but to encourage you to go to these restaurant's websites and sign up for birthday freebies too!

Daphne's Greek Cafe-Free combo meal
Rubio's: Free meal up to $7
Red Robin: Free burger
Ruby's Diner: Free sundae
Pick up Stix: Free order of cream cheese wontons
Starbucks: Free drink of my choice
Del Taco: Free milk shake
BJ's: Free pizookie
Denny's: Free grand slam breakfast (has to be on your actual bday)

I'm thinking all these freebies will make staying in my eating out budget much easier this month, which might be nice to get me back on track! I'll post any others I get over the next week...I'm expecting El Torito and Acapulco for sure and we'll see what other ones I forgot about. I told the bf that I'll be a cheap date this month!

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  1. There is one from ColdStone Creamery for a free sundae for 7 days before and after your birthday! That's a yum one :-) Birthdays are so much fun :-)