Sunday, October 10, 2010

Best Week Ever

Well, it's close at least. Due to some random generosity and since next week is my birthday, I've been able to eat out several times without spending a penny!

Wednesday-Rubio's for dinner, using my birthday coupon for a free meal
Thursday-Yearbook Adviser Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. The rep from the publishing company takes us out for a fancy dinner with drinks and appetizers once a year. YUM!
Friday-Free happy hour at Shakey's from the union. This too is a once a year tradition which we all look forward to.
Saturday-friend treated me to birthday pedicure (haven't had a professional one in over a year!). She told them we were celebrating, so the nice lady at the salon gave me a free parafin treatment on my hands. They feel so soft! Then we went out to a BBQ place where they have 22 microbrews on tap. A group of friends came who covered my meal and my drinks. One friend couldn't make it until after, so she took me to the movies last night as well. So nice!
Sunday-went to Marshall's and used most of the gift card my grandma sent me on new sheets (the old ones just looked dingy, no matter how clean they were). Then my friend Shelby took me out to sushi to celebrate my birthday (we always treat each other to a birthday dinner instead of exchanging gifts.)

I'm feeling very loved and lucky that I have so many generous friends I get to spend time with. It's nice to have a gift that involves quality time, and I truly am thankful! And, it's definitely been a HUGE plus for my budget. I was expecting October to be really spendy, but barring any emergencies, it looks like I'll be able to pay a little more on my car at the end of the month!

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