Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This morning I went to the Long Beach Library to get a new card (my purse was stolen a few months ago and I needed a new one). After I paid the fee for a new card (only $1.50), I went online and started requesting books. Long Beach has like seven library locations, so rather than try to track down books or drive out to the main branch, I have all the books sent to the small library at the end of 2nd Street, which is cute and in a fun area to walk around. Also, if I am feeling fit or want to make it a No Drive Day I can walk there.

So, I requested seven books, including my book club book for January and some others from my Amazon wish list, which I can delete after I read from the library. I also searched for Mad Men Season 2 and was able to request those as well.

I know the library is the most obvious money-saving way of entertaining one's self with books and movies...but for some reason I rarely utilize it. I have added "use the library and return books on time" as one of my New Year's Resolutions...and I think you should too!

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  1. I used to visit the library a lot before I went to graduate school. Since I moved and started school, I didn't even sign up for a library card at my local library. I'm going to put that on my list of things to do this month! :)