Wednesday, December 30, 2009


So, I am debating getting a Netflix subscription. The cheapest one is under ten dollars a month, and I think if I had it I would certainly use it.

The pros-Some months I would save money, since I do rent movies here and there. Also, I would get to watch more movies and TV shows on DVD, since I sometimes don't rent in order to save money. I could also rent rather than buy some of the shows that have been on my list, which could potentially save me money, although I have been more strict about only using swagbucks to buy books and movies.

The cons-I would definitely spend more time in front of the TV. Since I only get one channel, I rarely watch TV. Granted, I make up for it with the amount of time I spend on the internet, but part of me resists getting Netflix for this reason. Also, it's another ten dollars a month that I will be spending. Not a lot of money, but still something to consider.

So, what advice can you give me, blog readers? Yay or Nay on Netflix?

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  1. I love netflix. Some months I definitely get more use out of it than others, but I hardly ever go to the movie theater anymore. I think it pays for itself if you (used to) go to the movie theater a lot. It's also a nice thing to do with friends... like "oh, I got XXX from netflix. Want to come over and watch it?"