Sunday, December 13, 2009

Frozen Dinners

Last weekend I decided to prepare several meals ahead of time that can be frozen, so that I would not be tempted to eat out or make an extra grocery store run when I wanted to pick up something pre-made. In one evening I made two pots of soup (chicken and rice & chicken white bean chili) and eight breakfast burritos. I got the burrito recipe from my friend Lana's blog and the soup recipes from my friends Kerri and Shelley respectively. The end result was 18 meals for around $40, which I portioned out and have been enjoying throughout the week. I still have plenty left and am pleased with how everything turned out, but I am also a little tired of soup. Anyone else have any recipes that are inexpensive, healthy, and freeze well? I'd love to try some new recipes over Christmas break!

1 comment:

  1. lasagna? enchilada casserole? shepherds pie? quiche?

    also, i like to make pancake batter and use it for several days, or throw soak my french toast bread over night and throw it on the griddle in the morning. i also like to make a batch of cream of wheat & portion it out for the week.

    i love prepped meals. so much.