Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2010 Financial Goals

Goals for 2010

30 Coverage Days: When another teacher is out, at a meeting, or their sub doesn't show up, we are often asked to cover classes. When we do, we are paid our hourly rate for that time. My goal for 2010 is to cover thirty times throughout the year, which means saying yes even when I don't feel like it, and making sure the secretaries know I would like to cover as much as possible.

100 No Drive Days: I am going to try to make use of carpooling, biking, and walking in order to not use my car 100 days in 2010. This one will be a challenge, but it will not only save me gas money, it will also reduce the wear on my car AND reduce my carbon footprint. I know 100 days without driving in some cities would be easy, but I am a Southern Californian. We drive. Like the song says, "Nobody Walks in LA."

No more than 60 days dining out: Another goal is to reduce the amount I eat out, which I have definitely improved upon in the last few months. But, my goal is to eat out no more than five times in one month (including Starbucks runs and happy hour).

Only buy books, DVDs, and CDs using Amazon Mechanical Turk funds or Swagbucks gift cards. I have again really cut back on these types of purchases, but I know I will want to buy Weeds, Dexter, and Big Love in 2010, so I need to plan ahead and save my Swagbucks and turk money for those things specifically.

Completely pay off credit cards and save $3,000 in down payment fund by the end of the year. This is a little less than I'd like to save, but considering I need to take a pricey class for job security and that I am still paying down my credit cards, I think this will still be a challenge.


  1. Great goals! They def sound do-able.

  2. When I first started trying to save for my down payment, I put money aside that I earned online (survey sites, eBay sales, etc) and picked up a second job. It was money that I hadn't become accustomed to having, so it was really easy to save.

  3. Great goals!!! You should print them out so you see them to stay focused, or at least look at them each month and see how you are doing!

  4. Thanks for the feedback...it is definitely encouraging!

    @SavingDiva: a second job is not going to happen for me-I am a teacher and am super involved at work. But, I am trying to brainstorm how I can earn some extra money this summer, probably by tutoring.

    @Simplelivin': I am going to add tracking bars for my coverage days and no drive days to keep track of my 2010 progress. But putting it up in my room/on the fridge would be helpful too!

  5. Jess - I bought my house by tutoring for three years and putting all of that money away. I tutored only 4 hours per week (more during finals) and it does add up fast.