Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things I got for free in November!

I have become the coupon Queen and have been seeking out and taking advantage of any free things that I come upon...

1. I babysat for my friend Juliet's kids and she graciously made me dinner, brought me a bagel and juice the next morning at work, and brought me homemade lunch another day. So, three meals for a few hours of hanging out with her supercute and fun kids.
2. A pair of underwear from Victoria's Secret-I don't know how I got on their coupon mailing list, but it's the best thing I ever did.
3. A steak dinner and two blueberry martinis from Outback Steakhouse from my yearbook rep. Being the yearbook adviser has it's perks. (Okay, that might be the only one. But it was a good one!)
4. A venti caramel apple cider from Starbucks (leftover from the birthday coupon stash.) If you register your Starbucks card online they mail you a free drink coupon on your birthday.
5. Free meal at Wahoo's-there was a coupon for their birthday celebration. Yum!
6. Read Nick Hornby's newest book sitting in Borders over a few afternoons. They wouldn't fill the place with comfy chairs if they didn't want me to sit and read!
7. Went to see Fame at the new Gold Class Cinemas in Pasadena. They needed to "practice" before the real opening, so I got to see a free movie, sit in an amazing recliner, enjoyed a free "pressed Cuban sandwich" and a free diet coke. Awesome.
8. Brave New World, for book club. I used my Amazon Mechanical Turk money to get it. :)

So there you go...I also started subscribing to The Freebie Blogger website and will be expecting some freebies my mail in the weeks to  come. Anyone else have an freebies to share?

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  1. I look for coupon offers for free products. I used a coupon for a free half-gallon of soy milk and a free frozen pizza at the grocery store today.