Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekend Update

Wow, I've been a bad blogger. Blame parent conferences, grading essays, and (let's be honest) laziness. Here's a quick update and then I'll schedule some legit posts this week. Promise!

*I've lost eight pounds in the two weeks that I've been on Weight Watchers! I really like the points system and I've been on it as far as sticking with it, so I'm going to vote that it was worth the money. I'd like to lose around twenty pounds total, but even fifteen would be great, so I'm well on my way.

*BF decided to make a budget for his paycheck that he just got on Friday! I didn't pester him or anything, he just told me he decided to do it. :) I asked how it went and he said, "It feels good to have a plan and to know where it's all going." YES! I know it's hardest to stick with it as first, so hopefully this lasts. I have no details about what his budget entails, but I'm glad he's giving it a go.

*I used my Get to Giving money for both March and April already. Posts coming about that, but I feel good about being able to help people while I pursue my goals.

*I'm still on my first tank of gas for the month (though I'll need to get some more this week). With gas prices over $4 in my area, I definitely need to keep it at two tanks per month to stay in my yearly gas budget. Sigh.

*Selling books on Amazon has slowed way down, which makes me want to go through my bookshelves and purge again.

*I am now what I describe as "veganish." I eat eggs and fish, but still no regular meat or dairy. I feel great and now I get to have sushi, so I'm a happy camper.

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