Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Financial Convo Update

I mentioned in another post that BF and I were planning to talk about finances. We haven't talked too much about this before, so it was kind of a big deal. There's definitely still more to cover, and I won't share everything out of respect for his privacy, but it was interesting for sure.

We talked about our debts...nothing too scary or surprising here. He has some, and he's working on it. Not with gazelle-like intensity, but working on it all the same. 

He doesn't do an official budget. He says he knows about how much he spends and tries to be aware of it. I told him I used to do that, but I then when I started budgeting I realized how unaware I really was. He acknowledged that budgeting would be a good idea, but he just doesn't do it. Right now, it's not my business, so we left it at that.

We talked about setting a budget for how much we spend going out together. Right now we're not looking to reduce the amount, just keep track of it and try to split it equally. We're past the, "he should pay" point in our relationship, so this is a good thing. I'm going to track it for both of us this month and keep him posted on where we're at. I'm excited about this, since I feel like it's a baby step for us budgeting together.

I mentioned that in the future, I want to be "in charge" of the finances, but that no matter who is in charge, both people need to know what's going on and it needs to be discussed regularly. He agreed. I also mentioned that I'd like to do FPU together before we get married. I said that even if we don't agree with every detail, it's good for getting us to talk about all aspects of money. He seemed open to that as well.

All in all, it wasn't earth-shattering. But, I think it's good that we opened the door to this conversation and I'm sure it's one we'll revisit often. I have a few concerns, but nothing that I think is insurmountable. 


  1. I seriously wish my wife would take over the finances and attend FPU!!! Congrats!!


  2. What an important conversation to have! My husband and I never talked about finances before we were married. Thankfully he's very frugal and it was me that had to get my act together. Now we live in financial harmony. :)

  3. Cool J, I haven't visited your blog in awhile so when it loaded up today I was surprised at your results. Kick ass!