Friday, March 25, 2011

Updated Sidebars and a Little Reflecting...

The car is below $2,700! I'm getting so close!

The student loan is updated, though my payments are so small it doesn't even move a percent each month. I am still deciding how to handle my student loan once my car is paid off.

I made another $12 selling books on Amazon...this one has slowed way down, but I'm still ahead of schedule to make $500 this year be selling items online.

I filled up my gas tank, spending $50. Yuck. But again, I'm still on track to stay in my budget for the year. I should be able to make it through this month on only two tanks of gas, which is not too shabby.

I'm sort of coasting in my finances right now...all extra is going to my car, I have my budget pretty solid, things are on track. Which is a good feeling, but also sort of feels like I should be challenging or pushing myself to do something different or interesting financially. That's the hazard of reading a lot of PF blogs I guess. I feel like I have to be struggling or doing something more all the time. That can be good, because it pushes me to do better, but I also think it's okay to relax and let things happen. We'll see if I come up with some sort of challenge or idea to spice things up...

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