Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unemployment Info?

Well it's that joyous time of year again...my third annual pink slip notice! That's right, once again the budget is in the toilet and LAUSD is giving me a pink slip. Each of the previous two years have resulted in them rescinding it before June 30th, which means I've never actually been unemployed. I've got some tricks up my sleeve and am hoping I'll be safe once again, but since I need something to do with my nervous energy, I have decided to ask some questions about unemployment and try to make an emergency budget, should it come to that. The problem is I know almost nothing about how it works.

Any Californians out there want to give me insight on how unemployment works? Here are some of my questions...

...is it based on how much you made?
...what is the maximum payout?
...if you get some work but not full-time do you still qualify?
...what's the cap?
...how often do you get paid?

And any other insights would be appreciated. If I can find out enough info to actually create a budget I'll post it for you horror amusement.


  1. Oh that's awful. I lived for several years in temporary positions where every end of school year I'd be out of work and on pins and needles until something opened up for me. While I can't offer insight into the CA system, I can tell you that ours was a nightmare for teachers. Since teachers are technically not employed (or paid) over the summer (10 month contracts) we weren't eligible for Unemployment Insurance unless we applied during the school year. There was a 6 to 8 week waiting period while they evaluated.

    Hope something opens up for you soon.

  2. Think positive. Between $40 and $450 per week depending on last year's pay. www.edd.ca.gov is a good site.

  3. ...is it based on how much you made?
    Yes, it is based on your previous income (but up to a certain point. The maximum for every week is, I think, $450).
    ...what is the maximum payout? $450/week normally, when I was unemployed there was an extra $25 stimulus but I think that has ended.
    ...if you get some work but not full-time do you still qualify?
    Yes, if you get some work, you have to report the income and they just deduct it from your UI payments.
    ...what's the cap? I think right now the cap is... 9 month, 12 months? Not sure. Normally it's 24 weeks but CA has a few extensions.
    ...how often do you get paid? You get paid every 2 weeks.

  4. so lame. i wish us teachers got more respect. it's so hard to get pink slipped every year.

  5. I can't believe that you got your third pink slip. I'm hoping that this one is another false alarm like in the past. I agree with Rebecca; I wish teachers had more respect. They are teaching our children who are our future.