Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fighting the "Nothing to Eats"

Monday is payday and my budget is just about spent for the month. I have a few activities this weekend that I budgeted for, but other than that it's slim pickings for me. Last night the bf and I had this conversation:

Me: "what do you want for dinner?"
Him: "I don't know, what do you want?"
(repeat about five times, pausing about ten minutes in between each time.)
Me: "Okay, seriously, what are we doing for dinner? I have pulled chick'n from Trader Joe's and one pretzel roll. I'll let you have the roll and I'll just eat the chick'n. I also have some frozen edamame."
Him: "Won't you be hungry if that's all you eat? We just worked out. I have hot dogs at home."
Me: "Gross. I have frozen potato burgers too."
Him: "No, that's gross,"
Me: "Well I could scrounge up a dinner wtih stuff here, I just don't know if you'd want to eat that."
Him: "Let's go to German Night. I'll pay."

The thing is, when it's just me, I can totally improvise a dinner to avoid going to the store before payday. Tonight I am eating edamame and those potato burgers with no bread. And I'm totally fine with that. He can do the same thing at his house wtih hot dogs and fish stiks. And if we lived together we probably would have each just improvised our own dinners, but since we don't live together neither of us feels like we can serve the other one ridiculous crap for dinner.

My meals this weekend are...interesting. I have food, it's just not typical. This morning I toasted some stale bread and put jelly on it for breakfast. Snack was a grapefruit that someone at work brought in from their tree. It was just so-so. Lunch today is a frozen meal from the pre-weight watchers days. It's a lot of points, but I should be okay if I plan the rest of the day carefully. I'm also going to use up all my stuff in whatever combinations necessary. It's funny because my rent check never gets cashed until at least the tenth and I have $1,000 in my E-fund...but I'd rather eat odd combinations of food than go over budget or start this month's budget early. But it's trickier to play that game when BF is over and I can't imagine pulling it off with kids.

Is anyone else that stubborn with their budget? Or am I crazy?


  1. I am the same way. When it comes to the crunch I'd rather eat what has been there for...hmm... who knows how long than go over that budget. I have in the past when its been "too" long to make due but I try my best to stick to the budget.

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. Much appreciated! I could use some help if you are willing? I would love to know how to do the status bars on the side to know the % paid off. I have one there but don't know how to make it any different than it is. I don't know html at all. All how to do a blog roll? Any help you can send my way is greatly appreciated. :) canadianbunny at gmail dot com

  2. my gosh dude, just get cheapy Ramen or mooch off of the fam.