Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saving Money on an Amusement Park

Monday the boyfriend and I both had the day off, so we decided to do something fun together. I had gotten a coupon for teachers and up to three friends that offered 50% off admission to Universal Studios. He lovs amusement parks and I hadn't been to Universal in years, so we decided to go for it.

Obviously, this was a choice to spend money, but we did find ways to make it cheaper...

--We took the metro there and back. We can actually walk to the metro station from my place, so neither of us drove our cars at all. We paid $6 each round trip. Gas would have been more than that, plus we avoided the $15 parking fee.

--We stopped at the grocery store and bought some snacks and lunch. We spent a total of $16 at the store, because we both wanted some Odwalla juice, which is never cheap. We could have done this even better if we'd shopped ahead of time and then made food and snacks at home, but this is still better than Amusement Park prices.

--I used the coupon, so we got in for a total of $74 instead of $74 each. Still pricey, but definitely a savings.

--For dinner, we left the park and hit up a happy hour instead. I don't know how much we spent, but we got food discounts and each had a beer. This probably isn't much more cost efficient than eating at the park, but it was easier to find something vegan and much more delicious than what we could have gotten inside.

--No souvenirs or any other crap like that. Obviously.

I know there are ways we could have made it even cheaper, but I am happy with how much we saved. We had a lot of fun together and enjoyed our President's Day off at a theme park. Just like George Washington would have wanted it.

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